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Monosodium Disodium Trisodium Sodium Phosphate Monobasic Dibasic & Tribasic BP USP IP Analytical Reagent FCC Food Grade STPP or Sodium Tripolyphosphate or Sodium Triphosphate or Pentasodium Triphosphate Manufacturers

Anmol Chemicals Group, established in 1976, is the pioneer manufacturer of Specialty chemicals, Pharmaceutical Excipients, Fragrance & Flavor chemicals in India. Anmol Chemicals Group has manufacturing facilities spread across Western India, representatives in Houston Chicago USA, Dubai and UAE. We also have toll manufacturing units for processing chemicals in a few countries around the world. We make IP, BP, USP, Ph. Eur., FCC or Food Grade, Analytical Reagent Grade, LR or Laboratory Reagent Grade, Pure and Technical Grades of various chemicals. All our items are analyzed to meet the required standards. We can supply the material in grams for your laboratory trial and in tons for your plant scale jobs.

Our manufacturing facility is FDA approved and cGMP, GLP (FDA) Approved, ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 17025, ISO 45001, ISO 22000, HACCP, FSSAI, FSSC 22000, Halal and Kosher certified. We are registered with "REACH" for export to European countries. Solid materials can be customized for particle size, shape and bulk density. We observe WHO Good Manufacturing Practice and Good Laboratory Practice. We are a STAR Export House and “Authorised Economic Operator” as per Indian customs.

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Monosodium Phosphate, Monobasic Sodium Phosphate Monobasic SDS of Manufacturers

Disodium Phosphate, Dibasic Sodium Phosphate Dibasic SDS of Manufacturers

Trisodium Phosphate, Tribasic Sodium Phosphate Tribasic SDS of Manufacturers

STPP or Sodium tripolyphosphate STPP or Sodium triphosphate SDS of Manufacturers

Monosodium Phosphate Monobasic Sodium Phosphate Monobasic Manufacturers Disodium Phosphate  Dibasic Sodium Phosphate Dibasic Manufacturers Trisodium Phosphate Tribasic Sodium Phosphate Tribasic ManufacturersSodium triphosphate manufacturers

Monosodium Phosphate Monobasic Sodium Phosphate Monobasic Manufacturers Disodium Phosphate  Dibasic Sodium Phosphate Dibasic Manufacturers Trisodium Phosphate Tribasic Sodium Phosphate Tribasic Manufacturers Sodium triphosphate manufacturers

Monobasic Sodium Phosphate Monobasic

Mono Sodium Phosphate or Monosodium Phosphate (NaH2PO4, MSP), also known as anhydrous monobasic sodium phosphate or monosodium phosphate or sodium phosphate monobasic, is used as a laxative and, in combination with other sodium phosphates, as a pH buffer.

The pKa is 7.20. The sodium chloride equivalent value, or E-Value, is 0.49. It is soluble in 4.5 parts water. Monosodium phosphate is most commonly available as colorless crystals or a white powder. Sodium phosphate monobasic is insoluble in alcohol. 

Specification Monosodium Phosphate Crystals
Sodium Phosphate Monobasic
Monosodium Phosphate Anhydrous
Sodium Phosphate Monobasic
P2O5 Content
Loss on Drying
pH of 2% Solution
Less than 24%
50 Kg HDPE Bags
50 Kg HDPE Bags

We manufacture as under:
Monosodium phosphate, Sodium phosphate monobasic, Sodium dihydrogen phosphate monohydrate BP Grade.
Monosodium phosphate, Sodium phosphate monobasic, Monobasic sodium phosphate USP Grade.
Monosodium phosphate or Sodium phosphate monobasic FCC Food Grade.
Sodium phosphate monobasic, Monohydrate sodium dihydrogen phosphate Analytical Reagent.
Monosodium phosphate, Sodium phosphate monobasic Analytical Reagent

Please visit Monosodium phosphate or Monobasic sodium phosphate monobasic IP BP USP FCC for specification.

Dibasic Sodium Phosphate Dibasic

Di-Sodium Phosphate or Disodium Phosphate (Na2HPO4, DSP) or disodium phosphate or dibasic sodium phosphate or sodium phosphate dibasic is a sodium salt of phosphoric acid. It is a white powder that is highly hygroscopic and water soluble. Disodium phosphate is therefore used commercially as an anti-caking additive in powdered products. It is also known as Di sodium hydrogen orthophosphate, sodium hydrogen phosphate or sodium phosphate dibasic. Sodium Phosphate Dibasic is commercially available in both the hydrated and anhydrous forms.

Other uses
Disodium phosphate DSP or Sodium Phosphate Dibasic can be used in cream of wheat to quicken cook time. Disodium phosphate DSP or Sodium Phosphate Dibasic is used in conjunction with TSP in many steam boiler applications. Sodium Phosphate Dibasic supplies the inventory of free phosphates to retard calcium scale formation.

Specification Disodium Phosphate Crystals
Sodium Phosphate Dibasic
Disodium Phosphate Anhydrous
Sodium Phosphate Dibasic
P2O5 content
Loss on Drying
pH of 2% Solution
50 Kg HDPE Bags
50 Kg HDPE Bags

We manufacture as under:
Disodium phosphate, Dibasic sodium phosphate,Sodium phosphate dibasic USP NF Grade.
Disodium Monohydrogen Phosphate, Disodium Phosphate, Sodium phosphate dibasic FCC Food Grade.
Sodium phosphate dibasic heptahydrate, Disodium hydrogen phosphate heptahydrate Analytical Reagent.

Please visit Disodium phosphate or Dibasic sodium phosphate dibasic IP BP USP FCC Reagent Gradefor specification.

Tribasic Sodium Phosphate Tribasic

Tri Sodium Phosphate or Trisodium Phosphate (Na3PO4, TSP), or trisodium phosphate or tribasic sodium phosphate or sodium phosphate tribasic is available at most hardware stores in white powder form, is a cleaning agent, stain remover and degreaser, commonly used to prepare surfaces for painting. It can also be called Tri sodium orthophosphate and has the chemical formula Na3PO4; however, it is generally found in hydrated forms. Sodium Phosphate Tribasic is a highly water-soluble ionic salt.

Trisodium phosphate can also be found as a food additive; it is used as an acidity regulator (buffering agent), emulsifier, thickening agent, nutrition enlargement agent and sequestrant (metal-chelating agent). In these uses, all sodium phosphates may be collectively referred to as sodium phosphate, or by E number E339. The same is true when sold as an enema, working as a laxative to treat constipation.

Cleaning products labeled as TSP Sodium Phosphate Tribasic may contain other ingredients as well, and may in fact be less than half TSP. So even "regular" TSP found at the hardware store may be half TSP and half "TSP substitute". Some large home improvement centers that sell paint no longer offer TSP.

Sodium Phosphate Tribasic TSP is commonly used after cleaning with mineral spirits in order to then clean up all the mineral spirits. TSP may be used with household chlorine bleach in the same solution, and this is particularly good for removing mildew from wood. The TSP alone can cause dark stains on redwood, and bleach prevents it. It is also used in various forms as a boiler treatment chemical for calcium precipitation, as well as regulating the caustic effects of DSP in coordinated phosphate chemistry. Sodium Phosphate Tribasic is also used to clean swimming pool polyester filter elements. 

Trisodium Phosphate Crystals
Sodium Phosphate Tribasic
Trisodium Phosphate Anhydrous
Sodium Phosphate Tribasic
P2O5 content= 19%
Assay= 98%
Loss on Drying= Less than 58%
pH of 2% Solution= 11.5-12.5
Insoluble= Less than 0.025%
Packing= 50 Kg HDPE Bags
P2O5 content= 49.5%
Assay= 98%
Loss on Drying= 1% max
pH of 2% Solution= 11.5-12.5
Insoluble= Less than 0.05%
Packing= 50 Kg HDPE Bags

We manufacture as under:
Sodium phosphate tribasic dodecahydrate Analytical Reagent.
Trisodium phosphate, Sodium phosphate tribasic FCC Food Grade
Tribasic sodium phosphate or Trisodium phosphate USP NF Grade.

Please visit Trisodium phosphate or Tribasic sodium phosphate tribasic IP BP USP FCC Analytical Reagent for specification.

Sodium triphosphate or STPP or Sodium tripolyphosphate or Pentasodium tripolyphosphate Anhydrous & Hexahydrate is an inorganic compound with formula Na5P3O10. In food, it has an E number of E451. It is a preservative for seafood, meats, poultry, and animal feeds. n foods. It is used as an emulsifier and to retain moisture.

Specifications of Sodium Tripolyphosphate FCC Food Grade:
STTP; Pentasodium Triphosphate; Triphosphate; Sodium Triphosphate
Na5P3O10 Formula weight, anhydrous 367.86
Na5P3O10-6H2O Formula weight, hexahydrate 475.96
INS: 451(i) CAS: anhydrous [7758-29-4]
CAS: hexahydrate [15091-98-2]

Sodium Tripolyphosphate occurs as white, slightly hygroscopic granules, or as a powder. It is anhydrous or contains six molecules of water of hydration. It is freely soluble in water, but insoluble in alcohol. The pH of a 1:100 aqueous solution is about 9.5
Function: Emulsifier; sequestrant.

A. A 1:20 aqueous solution gives positive tests for Sodium>
B. Add a few drops of silver nitrate to 1 mL of a 1:100 aqueous solution. A white precipitate forms that is soluble in 1.7 N nitric acid.
Assay: Anhydrous: Not less than 85.0% of Na5P3O10; Hexahydrate: Not less than 65.0% of Na5P3O10.
Arsenic: Not more than 3 mg/kg.
Fluoride: Not more than 0.005%.
Insoluble Substances: Not more than 0.1%.
Lead: Not more than 2 mg/kg.

These items are only used as food additives. They are added to many foods as an emulsifier to prevent oil separation. Some examples are processed cheeses, processed meats, ready-made meals and tinned (canned) soups. They are also commonly added to powdered soups, boullions and gravy mixtures.
They can also be used as a leavening agent. Some examples of these foods include the batter coating on breaded fish or chicken, and commercially baked cakes.
Adding this item to food increases the shelf life of the food, maintaining the texture and appearance of the food.

We manufacture as under:
Sodium Tripolyphosphate FCC Food Grade.

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